The Top 3 Leadership Qualities Following COVID-19

It’s clear that COVID-19 has changed the way we do business. We’ve needed to adjust communication within a business, update the way we connect with potential customers and even alter the products and services we provide. Three leadership skills have become essential to succeed in these confusing times: communication, adaptability, and transparency.

Communication has long been seen as an essential business soft skill, and having the ability to excel in this area is needed now more than ever. Meeting colleagues face-to-face has become rare for many of us. Instead we’re reliant on video conferencing software which allows us to still spot visual clues whilst in conversation with a colleague. It’s not an exact substitute for face-to-face conversations though, as we only see a small proportion of a person on screen, so can easily miss signs that are more apparent in person. To counteract this, we need to put more effort into our communication, carefully choosing our words and tone so we can provide clear direction.

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