The Secrets of a Motivated Sales Team

What motivates us? It’s a question we rarely ask ourselves. You might have read Steve Jobs’ biography four times cover-to-cover or have a motivational sales quote or two on your coffee mug. Beyond that, our motivation often feels like something slightly vague, even to ourselves. Are we sweating toward our sales target for the bonus? For kudos from our boss? For the joy of feeling like a crucial team player? For the glory of making our companies stable and secure in an unpredictable market?

If you’re a sales leader, it’s a question you should be used to asking your sales team. Motivation might seem simpler these days than it once was — we want to help keep our company afloat in difficult times. We want to keep food on the table. We want to show our worth in case any unfortunate staffing cutbacks have to be made. Whether times are good or bad, a motivated sales team is a successful sales team — and a successful sales team will keep your company together.

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