The Return of the Finance Talent War

Senior executive hiring has returned at an increased pace over pre-pandemic levels in recent months. Pent-up demand, stimulus-induced growth, and less-than-predicted economic damage have many organizations aggressively seeking to bring in new leadership talent. This year is already among the top five years of recruitment activity I have observed in a 20-year executive search career. It may well go higher, barring no major unpredicted adverse health, macroeconomic, or geopolitical events.

The implications for finance leaders, their teams, and organizations as a whole are multifaceted. Consider for a moment the reality that a large majority of finance team members are being approached every day about new opportunities. Given the volume of recruiting activity, much of it becomes white noise. Also, recruiters, for the most part, are still not great at personalizing their outreach in a way that engages the highest performers (but they’re getting better).

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