The Real Score on ROI with Social Selling

Have you ever asked the question “what’s the ROI of social media?”

For most B2B businesses, the highest return on investment is generated from social selling. Yet others struggle to see results of any kind, never mind a tangible ROI with social selling, that is measured by client acquisition.

The debate over social selling is reminiscent of a similar discussion about 10 years ago over the value of SEO, and a look back clearly illustrates the value and return on investment search engine optimization provides businesses. Could history be repeating itself when it comes to social media and social selling?

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Yet another excellent article by Melonie Dodaro, filled with excellent tips on the most important metrics  to track to see if your time investment  on social selling is paying off, and specifics with what you need to focus on in order to create your ideal audience. 


Melonie also lists  the 4 biggest mistakes that people typically make when trying to build an on-line presence that will lead to the desire end result, and how to avoid them. 


Well worth the read!