The Power of the Leader’s Calling

Praise people for their hours of practice, not for the hour they played in concert.

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Leadership Freak has so many good, insightful posts and this is one of them. 5 solid tips to remember when continuing to improve your leadership skills.


If you are living, you should be growing...constantly trying to improve in areas of life that are important to you, pushing yourself into areas of discomfort.


Leaders that are fearful of ever trying something and not succeeding at the first try will have teams that do the same.


Teams are like children, they are always watching, and mirroring your behaviors.


Make it a habit every single day to try 1 thing that you are not already excellent at, pushing yourself  to try something new to get to the next rung up the ladder. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.


WE all have strengths and weaknesses, and only by pushing yourself to expand your abilities, will you improve.