The Personality Traits of Good Negotiators

There are hundreds of books about how to negotiate more effectively, the advice they offer is often difficult to apply, for three reasons. First, there are just too many contextual specificities underpinning each negotiation, such that one size does not fit all. Second, the effectiveness of each strategy is partly dependent on the personal background of the negotiators — who they are, what they want, and how they connect. Third, many of the factors determining the outcome of negotiations are more emotional than rational, which requires a deep psychological understanding of the people involved.

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Is there any surprise in learning that people that rank high in Emotional Intelligence…EQ…consistently rank the highest in terms of negotiating ability?


Becoming aware of what specific traits typically transfer over into better negotiating skills, can be valuable information.


In every aspect of life, be it personal or professional, one is faced with negotiating for things that we want, or need.


There are few skills that will reap more immediate rewards than learning how to improve your negotiating skills.