The new reality for financial services

Now more than ever, the customer is king, and financial services organisations need to be able to cater to changing demand. Unfortunately, a skills shortage to handle digital transformation has exacerbated the challenge. This is driven by a lack of qualified talent to fill new IT roles, and a millennial workforce that shuns long-term employment.

As parts of the world begin to emerge from the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the strategic focus is turning to what the competitive landscape will look like in the aftermath. It is also essential for leaders to realise what the new reality means for them and how to come out in front. The financial services sector has to cope with drastic shifts in consumer behaviour, and the pressure is on to provide the kind of services that customers are beginning to demand. While digitalisation has solved some challenges, it has created many new ones in its wake, and success rides on the ability of financial services to address these issues in the new business reality.

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