The New Essential CFO Skillset

The role of the CFO within the organization has long been changing—a process which was turbo-charged by the digital transformations and enhanced business challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. In a recent Q&A, Omar Choucair, CFO of financial software company Trintech, and I discussed the new essential CFO skillset in the post-pandemic world. It entails not just specific competencies but an updated frame of mind that puts the finance chief at the center of change and adaptation.

Jeff Thomson: Traditionally, the CFO was seen as performing two primary roles: custodian of the budget and protector of critical assets. Now the CFO must capture key performance indicators that provide insight and foresight, that will inform the future course of the organization. How has this focus on strategy and the future upended the traditional function of the CFO? What new skillsets must CFOs acquire to perform these new tasks?

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