The Leadership Gap: What Gets Between You and Your Business

The first leadership gap issue that companies face these days is the need for wide-ranging knowledge. There was a time when company leaders operated in silos.

This means that they were experts in only what they were supposed to take care of. They never really got involved in the work of the other departments. These days, however, leaders have to take a broader view of the organization as such.

For example, there are many CFOs (chief financial officers) that are now taking care of more than their financial work. They are looking into areas such as the following:

Human resources
Information technology


If as a business leader you can create strong working relations with people outside your immediate department you would be able to address the question of leadership gap.

This way you can learn about other aspects of the firm. If you wish to be a successful leader you would have to take part in the likes of interdepartmental projects and committees.

When you hold high-level management positions in companies it would help you get a broader view of the typical processes and structures of your organization.


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