The Incredible Reason This Company Only Hires Adults With Autism

AutonomyWorks is a marketing company like no other, giving adults with autism and other disabilities a chance at reaching their full professional potential.


CEO and founder Dave Friedman touches on his personal stake in creating the company and the challenges that came along with the company’s unique vision. Find out more about how he plans to keep AutonomyWorks striving for success in this video.

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Diversity recruiting and diversity hiring are the buzz words lately, but most people perceive that to be hiring people from different racial and cultural backgrounds. 


However there is another segment of the population that has often times been overlooked when it comes to building teams, that can in fact offer tremendous advantages. 


We have been  hearing more and more success stories about the massive benefits of including  neurodiversity when building teams. 


Read on to hear about this amazing story from a man that is leading the way to shine the light on adults with autism and other disabilities and showing just how valuable they can be to an organization.