The Eight Habits Of Remarkably Coachable Leaders

In my executive coaching work, one of the most important traits that differentiates high potential leaders is their learning agility.


In succession planning discussions, organizations identify leaders who are learning agile because these people quickly learn how to be effective in new and different situations.


Organizations hire executive coaches to prepare these leaders for challenging and stretch assignments. Based on my work with these executives, I have distilled eight practices that differentiate the coaching clients who made the greatest gains vs. those that did not. Whether you are being coached by your manager or by an executive coach, these practices will make the difference in your learning agility and impact.

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I recently read that in any given sales team, only 20% will take advantage of free training that is offered after-hours. Can you guess where that 20% falls in terms of sales performance ranking within the team? You guessed it. The TOP 20% of any given sales team will typically be the people that take advantage of additional sales training. How telling is that in terms of the traits of those that are constantly pushing themselves to improve?  


Have you ever tried to help someone, only to have them immediately become defensive?


How frustrating is it to take your valuable time to try to help someone, only to be told that they have been doing something X number of years, and have always been successful?


We can ALL always stand to gain added skills to our abilities, and when someone takes the time to give you a suggestion, are you open to it, or immediately shut down? 


Being COACHABLE is a trait of someone that will continually improve their skill set, and rise above the competition.


When hiring managers, it pays to look for someone that is open to learning and improving, rather than being a brick wall that ‘knows it all’.   


Read on to learn the 8 habits of coachable leaders, and how to spot them.


Are YOU coachable?