The Do’s And Don’ts Of Running A Hybrid Workforce In A Post-Pandemic World

There’s no doubt that the once futuristic hybrid work model is already here. Earlier this year, a Gartner analyst was quoted saying that about 60% of the workforce are choosing the hybrid option. Even as the world begins to open up, I suspect that we will never quite return to the way things were before this pandemic started.

During 2020, many business leaders including myself faced the challenge of moving hundred- or even thousand-person teams in one direction—rallying them to use the same digital collaboration tools and adopt the same process for working with remote, distributed teams. At Whatfix, we had the benefit of already running a global distributed workforce. However, suddenly shifting everyone to remote work and now formulating strategies to create a hybrid workforce brought about its own set of challenges and learnings. Throughout this journey, I’ve learned three do’s and don’ts that helped me guide my team, which I believe can serve as a blueprint for other business leaders as well.

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