The Cost of Poor Sales Onboarding: 9 Stats That Tell the Story

While the first days and weeks of a salesperson’s time at your company are critical, it’s no secret that sales on-boarding remains a huge challenge for many businesses.

In fact, a 2018 study from the Sales Management Association (SMA) found that 62% of companies consider themselves ineffective at ramping up new sales hires – this despite it being a key focus area for sales enablement leaders.

So why, exactly, do so many companies struggle with sales on-boarding? The reasons vary, but they often include some combination of the following:

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Business brokers tell us that the highest percentage of new business failures occur in the restaurant business.


And within any organization,  numbers consistently show that the highest fall out rate within the first 90 days occurs within sales roles.


So it stands to reason that the area that would most benefit from a very strategic, well thought out on-boarding process would be sales teams.


However, MORE THAN HALF of US based companies report that they do not have an effective on-boarding process for their sales team.


With the cost of interviewing,  hiring and training new sales reps so high, and the cost of an open sales role impossible to retrieve, why is putting together an effective on-boarding program for new sales  hires so daunting, that so many companies just choose to cross their fingers, and hope for the best?