The 5 ‘Cs’ of Effective Hiring For Key Financial Services Roles

best employeeThe Financial Services industry is one of the most competitive fields to play in. Building and maintaining a competitive workforce is the most critical component to becoming a leader within the industry. As a hiring manager for positions that have a profound effect on individuals and society as a whole, you have an ethical obligation to hire people who are as committed to making a positive difference as you are.

There’s no shortage of recruitment services for Financial Services firms. However, if you want to focus on hiring individuals who fit seamlessly into your infrastructure, you need recruiters with relevant Financial Services Recruiting experience who are cognizant of and practice the5 C’s of effective hiring.

As a talent acquisition agency specializing in Financial Services executive search since 1999, ISC has built a stellar reputation in nationwide and international financial executive search services with our 3-to-1 presentation-to-hire ratio.

Through our successful 18 years in the executive search business, we’ve identified 5 major factors that can best determine the strongest match between a candidate and a company:


In the financial services realm, more than any other industry, identifying and recruiting candidates that share your company’s organizational values, moral code and business philosophy is absolutely critical to making a long–term match.

Compatibility + Chemistry

Despite having an impressive job history, an employee may become an impediment to corporate success if he or she does not see eye to eye with a fundamental part of your business.

It’s difficult to accomplish the simplest of goals if the candidate simply isn’t a team player. It is of paramount importance to interview candidates in-depth to determine if he shares your company’s views and vision, as well as paying attention to how potential candidate’s personality works with your existing team.  Taking time to honestly evaluate your current team’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as communication styles, will help you determine what you should be looking for in a new hire.

Compensation + Career Path

So, you know what you’re looking for in an ideal candidate—and they’re sitting right across from you.

What are you willing to put on the table to convince them that they’re better off working for you than your competitor?

Giving some thought into what makes your company the ideal place to work, and being able to articulate that, will be invaluable when competing against other hiring managers within the Financial Services industry.

Top performers within the financial services sector typically rank firm reputation, career path, and compensation as the top 3 motivating factors in making a change. Gearing your marketing and social media advertising to highlight those specific areas of concern will pay off substantial dividends when it comes to having a rainmaker choose you when making a decision between your offer of employment and your direct competitors. As professional financial services headhunters, we invest tremendous resources and pay particular attention to these ‘5 C’s’ when identifying and delivering the absolute best potential candidates to your interview table.

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Ann Zaslow-Rethaber is President of International Search Consultants, a leader in Executive Search since 1999. Anna Souers is Director of our Financial Services division and can be reached directly at or via phone at 800-450-3808.


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