The 3 reasons why those candidates “No-Showed” you!

The conference room is set. The team prepped. Resume printed. Hiring managers are in the wings.

You’re ready! Wait. They’re five minutes late. Now 20 minutes. Well, shoot. You’ve been stood up by a No-Show candidate.


No-Show prospects are not only frustrating — they’re holding your company back and keeping you from taking yet another to-do off your list.

Why does this keep happening?

We work across hundreds of employers and dozens of industries and we can share that “no shows” are normal, yet they seem to happen to certain employers more than others. Let’s review some of the common factors across firms that seem to encounter no shows more frequently and what you can do about it.

You took too long

Your sales team probably knows that a lead is tremendously more likely to buy from you if 1) you’re the first to contact, and 2) you respond to activity within 15 minutes. Recruiting is similar, in a way.

Often the “no show” occurs because the candidate got another job or thinks they’re about to and they simply do a poor job at tying up the loose ends of the job hunt. Had you moved a little faster, you could have been the company making the offer. The time it takes you to first reach out to express interest and then schedule them to come in is the time other employers have to seal the deal.

Yes, it can be overwhelming to review hundreds of resumes while handling all the other responsibilities on your plate but you’ll be well-served to reach out to candidates quickly after they apply. It’s your best bet at making sure other employers are not developing relationships before you do and it makes the candidate feel wanted – which is important and also related to reason number three.

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