The 12 Quickest Ways to Get Fired

There are a few  things ….12 to be precise….guaranteed to get you escorted out the door quicker than you can say ‘pink slip’.


We checked in with employment and human resources experts to find the 12 quickest ways to get fired.

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One would think that within the workplace, there are actions that are so black and white, that no one would be surprised if they did any of them, that a termination notice was sure to follow.


However, we continue to hear from people that are shocked to hear they are being fired, for committing one of these following 12 offenses. 


Educate your kids as they embark on their first job, and let it serve as a reminder to yourself, we continue to hear from people that  have had a decade or two in corporate America that are stunned to learn that talking negatively about their company or boss on FB is a fireable offense. 


These are the 12 most common reasons that people lose their job.


Can you think of any that we missed?