Switching Industries? 11 Ways To Figure Out The Right Fit

Whether it’s frustration from limitations in their current industry or being shaken by the instability of the job market during Covid-19, many professionals are starting over in their careers, possibly in a new industry entirely. 

But pivoting to a new industry isn’t as simple as mixing and matching your current skill set and hoping it fits. It’s important to examine how your current skills and experience apply to the industry you’re ready to dive into. 

To help you, we asked 11 Young Entrepreneur Council members to share strategies for how to do this and tips for convincing your future employer you’re qualified to make the switch.

1. Define Your Core Skills And Services

To know if your previous life would be valuable to your next venture, you need to first define the core of your skill set and services and keep distilling them down to their broadest possible application.

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