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March 6th, 2009

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Recruiter Shares How Salespeople Can Succeed in New Economy

Tempe, AZ – March 6, 2009 –“The economy has changed and companies need to hire salespeople who can succeed in today’s marketplace,” says Ann E. Zaslow-Rethaber of International Search Consultants (ISC). “Now that buyers are in the power position, the old ways of selling don’t apply.” Zaslow-Rethaber is owner of ISC, a leading executive search firm that specializes in recruiting for sales, sales management and marketing professionals on a nationwide as well as international basis. ISC helps companies fill key roles within a variety of specialty industries including health care, telecommunications and fuel and energy. Zaslow-Rethaber lists below what successful salespeople are doing in today’s economy –giving employers a heads up on what to look for when recruiting new sales talent:

  • What buyers want– the marketplace is different and buyers no longer rely on salespeople to provide product or service information or help with facilitating transactions as before. Buyers demand specialized salespeople who are credible, have an in-depth understanding of their businesses and deliver value.
  • Strong communication is essential – today’s buyers are very concerned with risk and feel uncertain about the economy. They can’t afford to waste their time or money. For this reason, salespeople must understand the importance of regular communication to help ease their customers’ worries and be one step ahead of their objections. Successful salespeople make sure they ask their customers leading questions and follow up with communications that are relevant and personalized.
  • Measure results –successful salespeople know the importance of keeping track of the results of communications to customers. While the communication mix might change depending on the audience, it’s important to track the response rate so they can fine-tune the message to best meet the needs of the audience.
  • Demonstrate ROI –a direct result of a slower economy is that customers are taking longer to make a sales decision. To give customers the added push to make a decision, successful salespeople are finding more ways to demonstrate why a customer’s return-on-investment will be higher with them than with a competitor. Their sales messages are impactful and clear—making it a less risky choice for their customer to go with them.
  • Nurture existing relationships –finding new customers is harder now more than ever and successful salespeople understand they must work with their existing customers to keep the relationship strong. They make the trust factor work in their favor.

More about ISC:

ISC specializes in helping large companies fill nationwide as well as international positions. To get started right away on receiving top-notch recruiting service, please call (888) 866-7276 if you are in the United States or 011-1(480) 839-9113 if you are calling from outside the country.

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