Storytelling Resume Strategies That Attract Recruiters

Building a storytelling resume isn’t about holding story time to lull the reader to sleep. Instead, storytelling resumes are akin to miniature action movies. They include a beginning, a middle, and an end – or “rising action,” “climax,” and “falling action” in storytelling terms.

The problem with most resumes is that they leap from rising action (challenge + action) to falling action (result), omitting the climax along the way. For example, in describing a market and culture renovation, a careerist might say:

"Transformed regional culture, triggering $1.5 billion boost in regional orders and revenue plus market share gains in 36 months."

While the above is a solid achievement, a more energized action movie resume would deepen the metrics-focused story by ALSO including contextual language (in addition to the metrics-loaded statement, above). So, supplement the above with the following context:

"Converted underperforming, weak team into winning high-performers capable of wrangling down challenges of bureaucratically weighted geography and formidable competitors devoid of meaningful collaborations. Led and influenced complete culture revamp, igniting market share and financial improvements."

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