Showcase Your Expertise in a Meeting with an Executive Recruiter

Have you decided to work with an executive recruiter to enhance your job search?

A recruiter can provide insight and guidance that will help you navigate your executive job search. To optimize the outcome of working with a recruiter, it is imperative you prepare for meeting with an executive recruiter similar to the way you would for an interview with a hiring manager.

Proactively Approach the Right Executive Recruiter

Often a recruiter is hired by companies to seek out qualified candidates; therefore, once you have determined the right recruiter, you can build and maintain a relationship to showcase your experience, expertise, and professional values.

To find the right executive recruiter, do your homework. Be sure the recruiter you decide to work with is an expert within your field or industry and has relationships with the companies in which you would like to work.

Prepare for an Interview when meeting an Executive Recruiter

The recruiter’s job is to determine if there is a position that he or she wants to put you up for and to justify your fit to the client; therefore, it is essential your preparation strategy focuses all questions and responses on your accomplishments.

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