Should You Work at a Startup or an Established Company? Ask These 3 Questions to Decide

Goals, structure, and culture all play an important role in choosing the ideal job environment.

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After recruiting for 24 years now, there are a few things that I know for sure. 


People have intrinsic motivators, that determine how they will function in different work environments.


Candidates that do well as inside sales reps, do not necessarily do well as outside reps, and vice versa.


People that thrive in large, established companies with deep-rooted policies and procedures typically flounder in a start-up environment, where the norm is to go a million miles a minute, and then are often called on to change direction. 


And people that love the adrenaline rush of working in start-up typically chafe at the confines of working in larger, more entrenched environments that have tried and true methodologies.


When looking for your next career move, it pays to give some thought into what type of role, and what type of company you would do best in. 


Here are 3 questions to help you decide if you would do best in a start-up company, or one that is well established.