Should You Modify Your Resume Based on the Job Description?

These days the average recruiter gets over 100 responses per day, per ad. The majority of us utilize software, that provides a keyword match percentage  for every respondent. By increasing the number of keywords on your resume that match keywords in the ad, you can dramatically increase your keyword match. If the ad lists a mandatory qualification for a specific certificate, degree or area of expertise, you want to be certain that your resume reflects that. Paying attention to keyword matches is critical to success in applying to online job ads.

Also, make sure to customize your Objective based on the job you are applying to. When we receive an application from someone that says in their stated Objective that they desire to join a stable, well-established company and they are applying to a start-up, it does not bode well. Either they did not do their research on the company, or even worse, what they are looking for does not match the job we are looking to fill.


  • Take the time to tweak your Objective for every ad you respond to.
  • Add keywords from the job posting.
  • Pay close attention to mandatory qualifications and be sure you show how you meet them.

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