Should we focus on outcomes instead of hours to secure future work-life balance?

An area that will undoubtedly be transformed in the future of work is human resources. took the opportunity to speak to someone who could give us valuable insights into what we might expect.

Cathy Donnelly, senior director of talent at Liberty IT, gave us a window into the predictions she has made based on her own experience in the industry.

Benefits that go beyond the salary
A potentially positive aspect of the future of work are the benefits beyond salaries. The more that our workloads evolve, so too do the needs of employees, and companies of the future will need to keep up in order to retain staff.

“I think the pace of growth in salaries will max out in the future – it’s not sustainable and, if it continues, we will start to see organisations being pushed out as they simply won’t be able to compete for talent,” Donnelly said.

“That said, I am of the opinion that whilst a competitive salary is essential, work is about much more than the money. We could all cut our benefits packages and pay our employees more, but it’s the benefits packages which allow us to differentiate as tech employers.”


When it comes to attracting the best talent and keeping it in-house, Donnelly believes that culture, respect and brand each play an important role.


“Many years ago, I heard someone say ‘recruit with reputation, retain with reality’, and that has stuck with me. A strong employer brand is essential to attract the talent in the first instance – potential employees are looking for opportunities to use exciting and emerging technologies and solve real business problems with technology.

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