Should I be Concerned the Position I’m Up For Has Been Vacant 13 Months?

The position I’m interviewing for has been vacant for 13 months. Should I be concerned it hasn’t been filled already? I’m worried maybe the hiring manager is being unrealistic or unclear in his own mind in terms of expectations for candidates or if they’ve been offering compensation packages that are being refused by candidates.

You are smart to be concerned.

A position that has been open for 13 months definitely calls for further inspection, specifically regarding why the company has not been able to successfully fill the role.

A few of the screening questions that we ask potential clients when assessing a search assignment are:


  • Have they hired and then subsequently fired for this role, essentially creating a revolving door during the past 13 months, or have they never had one single person officially hired for the role?
  • Why is the position open?
  • Is the compensation equitable for the skill requirements?
  • What is the company culture and reputation?
  • If the hiring manager has unrealistic hiring goals, how realistic is he going to be when reporting to him on a daily basis?


“Aged Searches” is what recruiters call openings that have been open longer than 90 days.

If a company cannot make a hiring decision within three months, after declaring that they are serious about making a hire, something is wrong.

After being an executive recruiter for 24 years now, in my experience there are typically four primary factors why companies have trouble filling roles. After gathering the facts, one of the following four reasons typically rises to the surface.

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