Serving notice period? You may land a counter-offer – Times of India

MUMBAI: A senior-level candidate was recently offered a lead position at a reputed consulting firm. The offer was accepted but the candidate was forced to serve a full three-month notice period, during which, he continued to scout for other opportunities. Around a week before the joining date, the candidate had landed a better opportunity, and this gave him a reason good enough to decline the first offer.
Organisations are strictly adhering to the rule of long notice periods. This, recruitment agencies say, is not only hindering the process of hiring but is also fuelling counter-offers. Companies are increasingly investing in the learning and development of people, which is why losing a candidate and hiring a new one has become a costly affair. Earlier, such notice periods were “bought out” by the company making a hiring pitch when in urgent need for a candidate. Recruitment firms said companies are not keen on accepting such offers.

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