Self-Awareness wasn’t Invented by Dope Smoking Hippies

I used to think self-awareness was invented by dope smoking hippies. But now I see the weight of self-blindness. You are self-blind, at least partially. 80: Last night an *80 year old woman said she asked her son if she was a complainer. He said, “Yes.” She doesn’t think of herself as a complainer but…

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Here is a fun challenge for you;


In your next sales meeting , have everyone write down 3-5 characteristics about themselves with their own name written on the front. 


Then have everyone write down 3-5 characteristics about other people at the table, with the name of that person written on the back. 


  It will be startling how few will match up.


The cost of being SELF BLIND is vast. 


For example, if you are a manager and think of yourself as being infinity patient and your team sees you as having a short fuse with zero tolerance for slow learners, that could be a problem .


Self Awareness is something that we are all short on, and that we would all benefit from being more cognizant of. 


Doing the test above is the first step in seeing how vast the disconnect is between how you view yourself as opposed to how others see you. 


How brave are you?


Take the test!