Seal the Deal After the Interview…Here’s How!

Job interviews are like marketing campaigns; research shows the consumer (in this case the company) does not make a buying (hiring) decision until she has been exposed to the product (you) multiple times.


By increasing the number of times the company decision makers interact with you, the more likely they will decide to pick you from the shelf.


Your cover letter, resume, and interview give you three chances to be seen by the company. A follow-up note or email message thanking the interviewer for meeting with you may be your final chance to make an impression. It is estimated that only 20% of job seekers bother to send thank you notes. The other 80 % are missing a great opportunity to sell themselves one final time before the decision is made. A well-written note can reinforce your strongest assets, serve as a “do over” on a clumsily handled interview question, and show you are excited at the prospect of working at the company, in addition to making your parents proud of your politeness.

Here’s how to use thank you notes to elevate yourself above the other applicants:

Remind the interviewer of a particularly insightful point you made. Many recruiters tell clients to write thank you notes in advance. Some even advise dropping them in the mailbox on your way home, or even leaving them with the receptionist on the way out the door. This is a mistake. Not only does this prevent you from addressing anything negative that you would like to rectify in your follow-up, it also prohibits you from referencing anything specific about your meeting. It also precludes you from mentioning topics that your interviewer stressed as particularly important, and at worse, it paints you as someone that is tone deaf to your potential boss’s comments during your meeting.

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