Sales Performance Assessment

 Selling is a repeatable process. 


If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. 


Download the FREE SCORESHEET HERE  to measure how effective you are–using repeatable sales processes, high-win tactics, key success factors and selling profiles.


Typically a 15% increase in your sales effectiveness score translates to a 20% improvement in your revenue generation.

Learn what’s working best in your business, how to upscale it, and make more sales.

Increase productivity, decrease expenses, and run your business more efficiently than ever before.

Drive revenue through repeatable tasks based on real data.

If you can’t measure Sales Performance, you can’t manage it.  This scoresheet allows you to measure and identify areas needing improvement.

Raise Sales Productivity with Sales Metrics

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That Which is Measured, Improves.


That Which is Measured and Reported, Improves Dramatically. 


That Which is Measured and Reported Amongst Peers, Improves EXPONENTIALLY.  


Holding your team accountable to numbers is the single most important thing that a manager can do to help them achieve their goals.


REVERSE ENGINEERING the KPI….key performance indicators within your particular field, to  determine precisely what is needed to be success, is something that every single manager should be able to do,  and do well .


In fact, this one skill is  widely considered to be the primarily skill that separates good sales managers from GREAT SALES MANAGERS. 


Learn how to find the right metrics for your sales team, and you will find the answers to being able to coach your team to exactly what they need to do to achieve their goals. 


Check out the attached article which provides a FREE DOWNLOAD  which essentially does the work for you .Just plug in your numbers, and you will get a scoresheet which will allow you to measure your sales funnel.  


For those sales reps  that do not hit those numbers,  after all the coaching you can provide, call International Search Consultants, who have been providing HIGH PERFORMING, QUOTA BUSTING SALES PERFORMERS,  to our Clients interview table since 1999.


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