Remote and the New Normal – Will it Continue?

Will Remote Working Become the New Normal?

At its core, the coronavirus pandemic is a distinctly human crisis, and one that has caused more than 35 million cases and a little over one million deaths.

However, it would be naive to underestimate the financial and socio-economic impact of Covid-19, which has been visually presented here by Best Casino Sites. 

This has also changed the labour market beyond all recognition, with remote working having become increasingly commonplace since March. But will this trend continue into the future, and does it represent the number normal in the workplace?

The Facts About Remote Working During Coronavirus

There are plenty of statistics which highlight the rise of remote working in the UK, some of which hint at the fact that this trend could remain in place for the foreseeable future.

Let’s start with the basics; with one study discovering that the Covid-19 pandemic had reshaped the leading technological priorities for 95% of businesses. 

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