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My guidance to founders: Hire a strong recruiter earlier than you think you need one


While many people advise that founders hold off as long as possible before hiring an internal recruiter, or wait until the company is around 40–50 people, my guidance is to hire a strong recruiter earlier than you think you need one. In fact, it’s less about the size or stage of a company, and more about the hiring you need to do. When a company has 10–12 roles it needs to hire in the next few months, that’s a good time to bring on a recruiter. The right recruiter will partner with the team to build, drive, and scale the company’s recruiting process while being hands-on in building your team right from the foundational stage.


But that recruiter can be hard to find. The demand for recruiters continues to rise — but it’s also getting harder to find and hire one. Over the last five years partnering with startups within Redpoint’s portfolio and leading talent teams in-house at companies before that, I’ve either hired, or seen many teams hire recruiters. Ask any founder, leadership team, or other talent leaders and I’m sure most will agree that hiring an internal recruiter has been an increasingly challenging process for companies. And I’d argue that delaying only exacerbates those challenges.

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