Recruiting The Right People is the Key to Sales Success!

Sales Success

Every business couldbenefit from increased sales.

In an effort to get those sales numbers up, many companies make the mistake of going back to the drawing board and redesigning their product—when the problem lies not in the product itself, but the way it’s being marketed and sold to the masses.

Finding top-performing salespeople is a difficult undertaking. And there’s a reason why organizations come up with effective incentives toretain theirtop talents.

Whether you work in the medical deviceindustry, selling instruments for MRI or electrotherapy, or you’re in the chemicals and coatings industry, struggling to sell architectural paint, recruiting experienced sales professionals is crucial to high ROIs and revenue.

And searching for the right candidate is where it all begins.

Knowing What to Look For

Sales Success

The secret to high sales lies in a compelling sales strategy. And a great sales representative always has one that blends sincerity with passion in a pitch that sounds less like a sale and more like a conversation.

Every industry has its own pool of sales executives just waiting to be discovered. And in order to access them, you have to know your industry.

This means asking significant questions that will lead you to your destination—questions like:

  • Which of my competitors have a reputation for high sales?
  • Where did they find their top talents?
  • Do they organically grow them through excellent training programs, or do they recruit them away from competitors by offering higher compensation packages or other incentives?
  • What kind of incentives are they giving to their top performers?
  • What groups are they affiliated with?

Answers to these questions will help you gain insight into the talent pool and survey data for what they may be looking for that would entice them to make a change.

Having The Opportunity to Interview The Best

Most sales candidates can talk a good game, but being able to back up that talk with a verifiable history of sales success is a critical factor in determining who you should invest your valuable time interviewing.

Partnering with an experienced recruiting agency that can target direct competitors, going after your business opponent’s peak performers,  provides an invaluable edge when building and top-grading your existing sales team.

Since 1999, ISC has been successfully identifying and delivering high-performing sales professionals to our clients’ interview table.

Our 3-to-1 presentation-to-hire ratio makes us a thoroughly reliable name in sales recruitment, as our veteran sales recruiting professionals work hard to ensure that you only interview sales professionals who are best suited to your specific organization.

For more information on how we can help, email us now, or call us at 888-866-7276 andwitness an unprecedentedgrowth in sales with the right candidate!

Ann Zaslow-Rethaber is President of International Search Consultants, a leader in Executive Search since 1999.

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