Recruiting Gen Z In The Age Of Distraction

Generation Z, or Gen Z, are true digital natives. They’re born between 1995 and 2010, and they’ve been exposed to the internet, technology, social networks from the earliest of their youth. They’re quite comfortable with modern workplace trends and can adapt to them with much ease and dexterity.

As global connectivity sees a rise, generational shifts can play a crucial role in setting hiring standards. There could be plenty of hiring options, and a possible conflict between hiring more established millennials and Gen Z that are just entering the workforce. To resolve such conflict, recruiters could look at how well these two generations are when it comes to productivity and dealing with workplace distractions. 

A study from Future Workplace commissioned by Plantronics Inc. revealed that 35 percent of Gen Z are comfortable with using headphones so that they can deal with distractions. In addition, about four in ten Gen Zers can relocate to comfortable spaces like cushions to work.

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