Recent survey of CFOs reveals what finance teams should be prioritising in 2021

Despite a tumultuous 2020, a recent survey of CFOs conducted by AppZen showed that the majority have strong feelings of optimism about the future. Business leaders are confident that growth is on the horizon, mainly driven by the adoption of new technologies in their organisations. The survey of over 200 CFOs, senior finance executives and CEOs revealed that automated solutions will be prioritised by finance leaders, to modernise procedures as they embrace accelerated digitalisation. Respondents are also valuing tech-savvy recruits over those with only traditional accounting and finance skills.

Digitalisation and the modern CFO

The global pandemic has undoubtedly amplified the need for digital transformation. Increasingly, for new technologies to be implemented, the modern CFO must be involved in decision-making from the start, especially when evaluating digital solutions. The changing role of the CFO was illustrated by the survey results, which showed that CFOs are now trailblazing ahead of CEOs and CIOs, championing digital transformation projects not only in finance departments but company-wide.

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