Real estate’s drive for talent: The sector is changing, so are its people

Labour and skills shortages have become one of the top three strategic challenges facing occupiers, according to CBRE’s EMEA Occupier Survey 2019, which focuses on Optimising Human Skills.

Real estate’s drive for talent – including attracting, developing and retaining new recruits – comes ahead of cost reduction as a strategic challenge, and only behind economic uncertainty and disruption by technology.


“It is about focussing on the experience of your employees, as well as adapting to structural changes taking place in the industry”


Not only is it about focussing on the experience of employees, but also about adapting to structural changes taking place in the industry – the real estate sector included.


Real estate companies becoming tech companies
One of the key structural changes taking place in real estate is the growth of tech. Aakash Ravti, Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer of Spaceti, the winner of the MIPIM 2019 Startup Competition, predicts: “More and more real estate companies are going to become tech companies that happen to be in the real estate industry.”


According to the PwC report Talent Trends 2019, “organisations desperately need tech-savvy leaders and employees … [people]who can harness innovative thinking, form the right strategies and apply the systems and tools that best fit the needs of the business.”


As structures change, so do skills. For example, only about half of people currently working at CBRE are chartered surveyors.

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