Public Sector Executive Recruiting Services


As the economy continues to grow, so does the number of Americans working in the Public Sector. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there was a total of 22.5 million Americans working in the Public Sector at the beginning of 2019.

This is a number that has not been seen for almost 10 years,  and it is projected to grow even further. Current  estimates  for  Public  Sector  hiring  needs  are  anticipated  to  be as high as 23 million by the year 2026. That is thousands of Public Sector job openings   that will require qualified  candidates.

This increase of 500,000 additional employees is not going to happen easily.  Achieving this kind of  growth  within  the  Public  Sector is something that  will  require efficient hiring strategies  and retention tactics at the local, state, and federal government levels. The  best  way  for  these  hiring  goals  to  be  achieved  is  to  utilize Public Sector executive recruiting services.

Public Sector hiring needs for the  next  few  years  are broken down across hundreds of categories, and  one of the  largest categories is executives. It is estimated that over 263,000 people who work in the Public Sector are  currently  employed in some kind of  leadership role. These are CEOs, CFOs, CTOs, Directors, and  Presidents.

The Public Sector is a dynamic environment that is constantly undergoing various changes. With 52 percent of all public workers being over the age of 45, many of them are soon getting ready to retire  Combine  this  anticipated  departure  of  tenured  Public  Sector  employees  with   strong  growth  increases,  and  we  are  left  with  a  massive gap in Public Sector leadership talent.

This rising need for qualified and professional employees to take over these  managerial  roles is something that cannot be ignored. That is why the need to engage in efficient hiring practices and  the  need  to  address  attrition  issues  is  critically  important  to  implement  as  soon  as  possible.

Unlike the private sector, public sector jobs carry much more weight  and  responsibilities,   especially when dealing with executive-level positions. Therefore, who is hired for the role is incredibly important and can have a   serious impact on not only the specific  government organization  in  which  they  work,  but  in  some  instances,  the entire country as a whole. This is especially true when dealing with departments in charge of vital economic or structural development, which is where Community and Economic Development Executive Recruiting services really come in handy.

In order to ensure that the interviewing  and  vetting process is done to the best of their ability and the optimal candidate is chosen every time, government organizations  would  be  wise  to  be teaming up with  experienced  executive  recruiting agencies that are well versed in public sector recruiting. This will help to ensure that the absolute best applicants are chosen  to  fill  key  roles  at the municipal, state, and federal levels.

How ISC Can Help

International Search Consultants (ISC) is a Texas-based executive search firm that  has been a leader in   executive recruiting since 1999. Over that time, we have seen individuals who are not well suited for an executive position bring down entire divisions of a business. At a private level, this is quite damaging, but at a public level, having the wrong person  in  a  role  can  be  absolutely catastrophic.

At  ISC,  we dedicate members of our  Public  Sector  Recruiting  team to finding the best executive-level employees for executive  level  Public Sector positions,

Our team is able to do this through our proven hiring tactics that begin with the assessment of your organization’s particular needs and requirements.

Our experienced Public Sector Executive Search Professionals will customize an executive recruiting campaign tailored to your specific requirements.  We heavily invest in amazing technology that allows us to strategically identify very specific profiles, in addition to utilizing our comprehensive Public  Sector  specific database.  We then create a recruiting plan to identify, contact, and ultimately deliver those high caliber individuals that best meet your current hiring needs to your interview table.

This consists of identifying professionals who have a proven track record of performing well  in  similar  roles,  evaluating and vetting all  potential  candidates   to ensure that they are  ideally  suited for your particular needs.

We evaluate  all viable  candidates to determine  who  is  most  likely  to   add significant value to your organization without requiring significant ramp up time.

ISCs team of Public Sector Recruiters also will strive to make a match with regards to your company culture.  With over 20 years of experience, we have found that it is equally important to match skills sets as well as work environments  and  personalities,  in order to make the best long term match possible.

We invite you to call on International Search Consultants for all your Public  Sector  Recruiting  needs.