Proven Search Results

“When we received the ‘go ahead’ to expand into seven countries, my first call was to ISC. Having used ISC stateside, I knew that I could rely on them to provide quality, as well as quantity. Within 24 hours, they had local phone lines set up in all seven countries, manned by recruiters who were working local time zones and talking with qualified candidates. Having one point of contact to coordinate seven different recruiting teams was key to our successful international product launch.”

VP of Sales
Medical Device Company

“We had a rush to fill some key positions in our fourth quarter. We used ISC and they gave us a good candidate flow within one week of our initial ‘call to action’. Receiving over 60 viable candidates within a one-month period, across the country, was a welcome surprise. Consistently high standards, candidates who actually met the profile and readily available recruiters who were responsive to our needs, are all factors in our decision to use ISC for all of our recruiting needs.”

VP of Human Resources
Fortune 500 Telecommunications Company

“ISC was a true joy to work with. They were able to give us tremendous volume, and the best part of all was having one point of contact. The candidates were right on the money, matching our specifications. It was such a pleasure to work with an agency that didn’t just throw stuff against the wall, hoping it would stick. Follow-up was excellent and without a doubt, the best agency we have ever had the pleasure to work with!”

VP of Sales PEO (hired ISC to fill 53 openings within a three-month period)

“We used ISC to fill a multitude of openings, on both a domestic as well as international basis. It was of immense value to be able to work with one agency – to fill both our domestic US as well as international openings. Working with ISC created much needed cohesion between our two operations. They provided focused recruiting, professional follow-up, and effective communication on a timely basis. ISC was an integral part in allowing our organization to hit our targeted sales numbers in 2006.”

VP of Sales
Fortune 500 Document Management Company

“ISC is the best recruiting agency, bar none! With one call, we had a consistent candidate flow going to our regional sales managers, across the country. Candidates fit our profile and best of all we were able to talk with some of the key players of our direct competitors. ISC worked effectively with our internal HR team and worked in tandem to fill our positions as quickly as possible. Being able to have ISC blitz the market, talking with the majority of the sales people within the industry—giving us the opportunity to entice some of our fiercest competitors sales reps to join our team — was the best decision we ever made!”

Nationwide Employment Verification Company