Post-COVID Recruitment: Which Skills Should Employers Be Looking For?

COVID-19 has impacted the world enormously and one of the main areas that has suffered is the job market. Our working practices have shifted considerably and the way in which employers are now recruiting has also had to adapt. One of the main characteristics that employers will be seeking for future roles is passion and a desire to learn.

“Our attitude to recruitment has remained largely the same”, says the team at YouLovePrint, “we want people with a genuine interest in what they are doing, and with at least some understanding of the complexities of printing; you can teach someone what to do, but you can’t make them find it interesting”.

But in addition to showing interest in the field, there are skills that businesses will be in need of to cope going forward. The right skills can make all the difference to a business – these are some of the key skills employers should be looking out for in the future.

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