Positive hiring outlook for 2021

Almost one-half of employers plan to replace workers while 35 per cent hiring for new positions

More than eight in 10 (82 per cent) of employers globally say that they plan to hire this year, according to a survey by Monster.

Among these, 47 per cent plan to hire to replace or backfill staff while 35 per cent plan to hire for new positions.

“I fundamentally believe that we will be in a better position this year, especially in the second half of 2021,” says Scott Gutz, CEO of Monster. “We should expect more jobs and more candidates participating, and a lot more activity overall.”

Top industries for hiring

The top industries looking to hire for lost jobs are healthcare (59 per cent), real estate (56 per cent) and finance/banking (53 per cent). Meanwhile, tech (49 per cent) is the top industry looking to hire for new positions.

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