How long have you been in the industry?
I started in the recruiting industry in 2010.

What is your background?
I received my Bachelor’s degree in social and behavioral sciences, so recruiting provides me the unique opportunity to network with so many fascinating people, hear their stories, and learn something about their lives.

What is your specialty?
I recruit in the education industry and with EdTech.

What are your favorite aspects of what you do and why?
Recruiting is a definitely a passion for me. I don’t think you could truly put in, as many hours you do, if you don’t truly love what you’re doing.

Some of my most rewarding aspects of working in recruiting is making a connecting with others and providing them something of value. I like being able to connect with someone from across the globe, by just picking up the phone or sending an email.

What are your interest/passions outside of recruiting?
I like creating things, so I enjoy cooking, gardening and decorating.

3 Fun/Funny Facts about yourself:
I recently went hang gliding for the first time and loved it, even though I’m scared of heights.
I love scratch off lottery tickets.
I have two rescue cats, one Siamese and an American Bobtail.

4 “Favorite” Things:
My favorite color is pink. My favorite season is Fall. I love to swim and play pickleball. I love Mediterranean food.

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