Kim Garrison
Financial Services, Texas Banking

Kim Garrison is a 25-year veteran HR/Executive Recruiter, who specializes in placing Banking and Finance professionals, focusing exclusively on the Texas market. She primarily places Credit Analysts, Lenders, Treasury Management, Commercial and Consumer Relationship Management, as well as CEO, CFO, SVP roles.

Kim is a Candidate favorite, and truly goes above and beyond to ensure a good match on both the Client and Candidate side, and goes to great lengths to ensure that the interview and hiring process go smoothly.

She coaches her candidates through the often stressful journey of changing jobs. She considers herself to be a “change agent” and takes great pride in helping people transition into new roles. She brings her wealth of experience gained from 25 years in the corporate HR world to help candidates through the rigors of a job search and interview process.

In her lengthy career in HR, Kim has experienced pretty much all aspects of the HR World.
She has done HR filing, background checks, credit checks, and drug testing. She has administered multiple kinds of aptitude tests. From interviewing to presenting formal job offers, checking references to mediation counseling to terminating employees, Kim’s experience runs the gamut of HR functions.

Kim has a Bachelor’s degree in BAAS (GPA 3.76) and has also earned SPHR/PHR certification in Texas for Human Resources.
Kim lives in Austin, Texas where you’ll find her glued in front of the TV on Sundays for football snuggling with her two best friends who just happen to have four legs…each! Kim has a lifelong passion for animal rights and has volunteered countless hours in shelters in various cities in Texas.

Kim says that her favorite part of her job as a recruiter is the opportunity to work with people and to improve their lives and career paths. Kim has a heart as big as Texas, and she sincerely loves helping people.

Kim’s favorite movie of all is Urban Cowboy. She still dreams of being Sissy and marrying a bonafide Cowboy.
She also loves true story documentaries, and is a walking encyclopedia on all the major true crime cases of the past few decades.
Kim is also known around the office as a FOOTBALL ADDICT. She goes into football depression in between seasons and is a lifelong fan of the Dallas COWBOYS.
Kim has driven Volkswagen Bugs/Beetles since 1980, and always has a fresh flower in her dashboard vase.

Contact Kim at 1-800-270-3974

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