I have been successfully recruiting for 10 years. I began my career in the staffing industry and moved into the corporate world of recruiting before finding my home as a 3rd party recruiter. This background has given me great insight to what clients want when working with an external recruiter.

While I’ve worked in many industries including Energy, Finance, and Manufacturing and filled numerous roles such as Engineers, CFO’s, Operations, and Vice Presidents, my niche is in Software Sales. I love working with start-ups!

A person’s career is such a huge part of their life. Knowing that I am making a difference with that, helping them to find their ideal position, a place they will enjoy working, and giving them better work/life balance is the greatest satisfaction to me. Being an outgoing extrovert, talking with such a wide variety of people daily and learning from them brings me happiness.

Outside of recruiting, being a mom to four amazing children is my life. I know all moms say this, but mine really are amazing!

Spending time with them, family, and friends is what makes me happiest. In the summer, you will always find me outdoors from sun-up to sun-down… whether it’s hiking, playing basketball or softball with the kids, jumping on the trampoline, playing with my dogs, gardening, yard work, power washing (my favorite!), grilling or sitting around a campfire at night enjoying the stars.
With the not so great weather in Erie, PA, I spend a lot of time reading, baking, cooking, doing puzzles, and watching football- Go Bengals!

A few fun facts about me – I am a huge klutz… from falling upstairs to tripping on my shadow to spilling everything I eat on myself, I am at my happiest when I’m outside barefoot, and I love having my family and friends over and cooking for them.

Some of my favorite things – reading (F Scott Fitzgerald books, The Celestine Prophecy, and The Four Agreements are at the top of my list), horror movies, music music music all the time, and watermelon.

Contact Kara at 1-877-316-6249

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