How long have you been in the industry?
I have over 16 years of experience rooted in many facets of operations which included identifying and hiring top talent. I have now shifted my focus fulling to the recruiting industry and completely enjoy the relational process of connecting talents with clients.

What is your background?
I have experience in operational management, which also includes working in the non-profit sector.

What is your specialty?
I have been known to assess processes and procedures and develop methods to increase the ease and work flow in organizations.

What are your favorite aspects of what you do and why?
Having a background in organizational management, I enjoy seeking resolutions to opportunities. I approach recruiting in the same manner, because clients have a need for great talents and career minded candidates are driven to work for a thriving company. Making the right connection between the two is a resolution for both parties.

What are your interest/passions outside of recruiting?
I love learning about gardening and trying my hand at growing a variety of fruits and vegetables. I don’t quite have a green thumb, but I am striving to get there. I am big on quality family time and have always enjoyed the gatherings and activities we do together. I enjoy long walks and have an appreciation of nature’s calming affects.

3 Fun/Funny Facts about yourself:
I am known by my family to redecorate and rearrange different rooms in my house often. Sometimes it drives them crazy when I go behind them and reorganize or refold. But they always call me to help them locate things they have misplaced. 95% of the time, I can find those lost items.

I started playing golf at a young age and competed at the collegiate level. It’s one sport you can play well into your senior years. However, I don’t play as often as I would like.

One of my favorite downtimes is putting together jigsaw puzzles. I usually complete 500 to 1000 pieces solo. This is very therapeutic and relaxing for me.

4 “Favorite” Things:
I enjoy herbal hot tea, listening to smooth jazz, the Fall season and learning about biblical history.

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