How long have you been in the industry?
Ann started her career in recruiting working for a small boutique recruiting firm in 1996, based out of Tempe, AZ. While there, she earned ‘Rookie of the Year’, and subsequently ‘Top Biller of the Year’ two years running, during her three-year stint. In 1999, Ann decided to start her own company, creating a home for high-billing recruiters that wanted access to every available piece of technology and support to allow them to work smart, as well as hard. Additionally, she wanted to create an environment of team work and positivity, with high levels of customer service. Thus, ISC was born August 6th, 1999. Earning more client recommendations than any other third party recruiting agency on LinkedIn across the entire country from satisfied Clients who rave about ISC’s ability to deliver exceptional candidates for their critical hiring needs, combined with accolades from recruiters that speak to ISC’s warm and supportive culture, it is easy to see that Ann’s vision has materialized.

What is your background?
Ann grew up in Tempe, AZ and after graduating ASU with a degree in Television Broadcasting, Ann forfeited an internship with the NBC affiliate to join a new airline that had just announced they were opening in town, called America West. Due to Ann’s lifelong love of travel, and her desire to see the world, Ann became a flight attendant and flew for 13 years, experiencing many cultures and visiting over 30 countries.

What is your specialty?
Ann started her recruiting career placing sales people and as her recruiting career has progressed, she still enjoys placing high performing sales people in high impact roles. She also enjoys working on C-level searches, identifying candidates that can truly make a difference in a company’s bottom line profitability.

What are your favorite aspects of what you do and why?
Ann has often said that she feels like she found her passion in recruiting. She has even told her husband that if they won the lottery, she would still recruit! She gains tremendous satisfaction in finding high performing candidates that can actually impact a company’s bottom line profitability, and on the flip side, being able to find a candidate's ‘dream job’ is incredibly exciting.

What are your interest/passions outside of recruiting?
Outside of work, Ann focuses on raising her three children, along with seven (!) rescue dogs including three Great Danes, three Boston Terriers and a ‘Heinz 57’. They also have a unique assortment of pets, including large (150 lbs!) land tortoises, peacocks, fainting goats, and a three-legged llama. Not to mention a saltwater fish tank that has housed an assortment octopuses, and currently has a thriving breeding population of starfish, and seahorses. Ann and her family live on a small farm in Austin, TX and they all enjoy collecting the eggs from their chickens, and their extensive garden. Ann has also always volunteered one day a week, and her passions are helping children, seniors and animals. Her volunteer activities have ranged from being a ‘room mom’ at school, to being a consumer advocate at the NBC affiliate in Phoenix, AZ Call 12 For Action!, primarily focusing on helping seniors gain resolution with retail issues, and most recently as a CASA (court appointed special advocate) for children in foster care. She feels incredibly lucky to have such a flexible schedule and tries to make the most of each and every day, working hard to make a positive impact.

3 Fun/Funny Facts about yourself:
During her flying career, most of the other flight attendants would bid their trips according to shopping goals, but Ann would bid her trips based on being able to visit various Zoos! To date, Ann has been to over 300 zoos across the country, with plans to see more this summer.

She also did some modeling in college to help pay her way through school, was in the TV commercial for the very first ATM machine, and also was the TV spokesmodel for the very first televised state run lottery!

4 “Favorite” Things:
Hands down, travel is Ann’s favorite thing to do with her family, and she is constantly making lists of places she wants to visit. So far her favorite trips have been India and the Amazon, and she is looking forward to taking her young son on a Disney River Cruise this summer, exploring old world European castles along the Danube and Rhine Rivers, with a special excursion to visit Transylvania!

Contact Ann at 1-888-866-7276

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