Other Voices: Answers to the 5 biggest questions about hiring millennial sellers

Turnover represents a major pain point for many manufacturing sales teams—annual attrition rates among U.S. sellers are as high as 27 percent, twice that of the country’s overall labor force. Once they’re open, sales roles are vacant for an average 3.7 months, while it takes approximately 9.2 months for a new hire to achieve full productivity — a gap of over a year without a fully productive seller.


Turnover will continue to disrupt organizations as baby boomers retire. After all, millennials will represent the largest generation in the workplace by 2020, at 35 percent. Now more than ever companies must adjust to meet their career needs. With sales manufacturing careers poised for 7 percent year-over-year growth through 2026, major opportunity exists for companies to promote themselves to millennial applicants. 


Here are five answers to common questions about attracting, training and retaining millennials in manufacturing sales:


1—How can we entice millennials to apply for sales jobs?
Like other candidates, salary primarily draws millennials to a job. But they also want careers that reflect their interests and passions. They want to feel connected to your company and understand what you’re doing to stay ahead of competition and industry trends. Be up front about this in the job description and throughout the interview process. Cutting-edge technology powers the manufacturing industry—something that can attract engineering grads looking for a challenge.

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