My manager doesn’t do anything. Is it an issue?

The other day I was talking to a friend who had changed jobs at the beginning of the year and he came to tell me about his disappointment with his job and his manager in particular.

At first it didn’t surprise me too much and I blamed it more on COVID and imposed lockdown. Except for a few companies that had a remote work culture and were able to board employees remotely without too much trouble, I think it was a situation that was predictable without being attributable to the manager.

But while digging I actually learned that he found his manager a little bit lazy.

I asked him if he left him alone to face his difficulties and he said “a little”. In fact, in case of a problem, the manager doesn’t play the superman by going back down to the field to fix everything, but gives the keys to his teams, gives them advice, asks them questions so that they can find solutions themselves.

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