Minimizing Disruption on Your Sales Team When New Skills and Capabilities Are Required to Succeed

Most business leaders have grown accustomed to the comforting concept of “normal” market conditions. Today, when these leaders talk about the “new normal,” they are usually talking about the anticipated return to something closely resembling previous market conditions – a predictable status quo that will allow them to focus on administering and fine-tuning various elements of the go-to-market strategy. When we think about recovery, we, too, may think about the days when we had a high degree of confidence that our basic assumptions would stand unchallenged.

Charting a path on the roadmap to recovery in the current environment will depend, increasingly, not on skills that brought us success in the past, but on a very different set of capabilities to help us to navigate the future. With that shift in required skillsets and capabilities comes a period of major disruption.

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