Mary Poppins Was Wrong About a Spoonful of Sugar

Apart from intervention, sour consumes sweetness and moves to its next victim.

Living in a prosperous nation, it’s easy to think that sweetness naturally emerges. If you believe that nonsense, move to Afghanistan or Haiti. In the poorest countries, the true nature of sour is obvious.

A SPOONFUL of sugar is naive.

Every hint of sweetness in your organization is the result of intelligence, resolve, strategy, and execution.

If the team is sweet, someone worked to make it that way. Was it you?

Remove the sour:

Because sour is stronger than sweet, you have greater impact when you remove sour.*

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A company’s culture comes from the top.


A teams culture is a direct reflection of their manager.


Nothing can beat a team that has SYNERGY .


One of the most powerful things that you can do to help your team to succeed, is to foster a Team Environment.


Work hard to build a feeling of camaraderie.


When you spot a bad apple, move quickly to remove it ,before it poisons the entire batch.


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