Lose The Loser Mindset And You Will Succeed

It was barely a dusting of snow mixed with rain and we received a text at night from the high school alerting us that the schools will be closed the next day due to the snow storm. The media tried to frighten us with a prediction of six-to-twelve inches of snow and the governor warned us to only go on the roads if absolutely necessary. I’m sure you already know how this ends, we received about three inches of snow and it mostly melted by mid-afternoon.


Calling for a snow day the night before on the possibility of a storm, out of fear of what people will say if you didn’t, is a loser mindset. This way of thinking is based upon what could go wrong, being afraid of taking risks, focusing on covering your backside and playing it too safe. Unfortunately, most people navigate their careers in this fashion.They are too conservative and adverse to taking thought-out calculated risks. Most of the day is spent worrying, doing things to cover yourself if something doesn’t work out and agreeing with the consensus discussions out of fear of being original in voicing your opinion. This is a sure-fire way to just plod along in your career and never make it very far. You will be part of the great herd shuffling along with pack. You’ll blend in unnoticed and will be overlooked.


Here are examples of loserthink:


1. You go for a safe career, like being an attorney like your parents, even though you wanted to be a novelist and write the next great American novel. You don’t even take a few writing classes or try to join the college newspaper to prove it to yourself that you have talent.

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