LinkedIn Profiles Made Easy: 7 Easy Tweaks You Can Make In 5 Minutes

LinkedIn has over 575 million users, 40% of whom access the business networking platform every day. This means that LinkedIn has enormous potential for those of us who are seeking jobs or looking for professional contacts.


However, updating their LinkedIn profile can seem like quite a chore to some people, especially since filling out the “About” section to listing down all your past job descriptions can take a while. Fortunately, though, reaching the All-Star rating is not as time-consuming as you think. In fact, just a few small changes that don’t take more than 5 minutes can magically transform your LinkedIn profile.

Adding a Great Headshot – and a Cover Photo (Takes 1 minutes)

According to LinkedIn, “your photo is your virtual handshake.” In fact, the platform says that just having a profile photo can increase your profile views 21 times while increasing your connection requests nine times.


This makes sense since profiles which do not have photos can appear fake and give off a very “ain’t nobody got time for that” vibe – and if you don’t have time, nobody will bother to click on your name, since LinkedIn is a networking site and this type of behavior completely defeats the purpose of it.

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