LinkedIn Profile – What Recruiters Look For

It’s not about what you want to express from your LinkedIn profile, it’s about what the Recruiter is looking for in your LinkedIn profile.

Recruiters come in many forms. One thing they all have in common, they all want to fill their vacancies with the most suitable candidate. Everyone does this more or less in their own way. The ultimate goal of the true Recruiter is a happy candidate and a happy customer/client.

A brief overview of just a few types of Recruiters;

1.) The Recruiter as a networker, someone who can get in touch with the most suitable candidates, some even do this entirely online. Actually the ‘old-fashioned’ form of recruitment, at least praiseworthy considering the effort and dedication that is required for this.

2.) The Recruiter who puts the vacancy online on the career page and then quietly waits until you take the step to apply. With all the risks this entails that you gradually drop out of the application process and do not apply at all.

3.) There are also Recruiters who are more active, they search all the famous job boards on a daily basis for newly registered candidates on the relevant sites.

4.) You also have the Recruiter as a social media poster. Almost all Recruiters are generally reasonably good in ‘posting’ their vacancies with the intention that jobseekers notice these vacancies in large numbers and proceed to apply.

5.) Then there are also Recruiters who actively search for all of you jobseekers on social media. One is more skilled in this than the other, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on are pointed by some.

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